Tikanga Māori and Te Ao Māori - a Māori Worldview

Tikanga Māori is the study of Māori traditions, customs, concepts, values and protocols or Mātauranga Māori.  From beginners to advanced level qualifications, tauira learn how to apply tikanga practices in everyday life and to support whānau, hapū, marae, iwi and our wider communities.

Enhance your understanding in a culturally rich and supportive environment with a range of tikanga-led programmes.  

Te Pou Hono
Te Pou Hono
This suite of marae-centred courses are designed to support whānau, hapū and iwi as marae to revitalise and strengthen all aspects of Te Ao Māori through the context of their own unique local lenses.
Community Education
Te Waharoa - Community Education
These courses provide foundation knowledge and skills centred on your marae and its cultural uniqueness. Marae representatives must attend Te Apa Marae Kura presentation to register their marae for the programme.
Kai Oranga L3
Kai Oranga (Kaupae Tuatoru)
This level 3 programme will teach you to grow your own healthy food for your whānau and your marae and pass this knowledge on to others.
Kai Oranga L4
Kai Oranga (Kaupae Tuawhā)
This level 4 programme focuses on food sustainability, and management, as well as empowering Māori to exercise control over all facets of the food that they grow, eat and manage.
Wai Ora Level 3
Wai Ora (Kaupae 3)
This level 3 program will provide the skills and knowledge to understand and apply sustainability practices to coastal and freshwater bodies based on mātauranga Māori within local environments.
Wai Ora Level 4
Wai Ora (Kaupae 4)
Graduates of this Level 4 programme will be able to further their skills and knowledge to provide broad strategies to protect and manage freshwater and marine bodies for the benefit of their own marae, whānau, hapū and iwi.
Te Pōkaitahi Tikanga (Māori Development) (Kaupae 3)
Te Pōkaitahi Tikanga (Māori Development) (Kaupae 3)
This qualification is for people who want to develop some understanding of tikanga (plural) within a specialist field founded on a Māori world view.
Bachelor of Mātauranga Māori
Bachelor of Mātauranga Māori
This degree is underpinned by a kaupapa Māori philosophy where Māori values and practices are applied. This programme has been designed to capture and express the relatedness of the various fields of Māori knowledge.

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