Environmental Sciences - Te Taiao

Be part of the climate change solution

Te taiao, our natural environment, needs positive action to maintain and protect our climate and natural resources. If you’re interested in environmental issues and sustainability, we offer a range of programmes that respond to the climate challenges that the world is facing. Through these programmes, our tauira are helping to shape the next generation of kaitiaki and preserve our environment for future generations.


Why study with us?

You’ll learn about the close connection between sustainability principles and matauranga Māori. We’ll help you apply a tikanga lens to solving some of the biggest environmental issues faced by hapu, iwi and indigenous communities around the world. You’ll combine scientific knowledge with mātauranga Māori and mātauranga taiao, providing a holistic understanding of environmental systems, the impacts on our communities, and how to find solutions.


Our programmes will help you find rewarding work in the public or private sector that allows you to:

  • Manage land, marine and freshwater resources
  • Help marae, hapū and iwi manage their future
  • Provide consultancy advice
  • Write and deliver policy
  • Become an environmental analyst, technician or researcher
Bachelor of Environmental Studies
Bachelor of Environmental Studies
Te Aho Pūtaiao is about looking after our environment, illustrating mātauranga Māori and western knowledge have important roles within the environment field and can be complimentary to each other.
Te Aka Pūtaiao
Te Aka Pūtaiao (Kaupae 5)
This is a Level 5 Certificate in Scientific Mātauranga Māori Environmental Studies
Kai Oranga L4
Kai Oranga (Kaupae Tuawhā)
This level 4 programme focuses on food sustainability, and management, as well as empowering Māori to exercise control over all facets of the food that they grow, eat and manage.
Kai Oranga L3
Kai Oranga (Kaupae Tuatoru)
This level 3 programme will teach you to grow your own healthy food for your whānau and your marae and pass this knowledge on to others.
Wai Ora Level 4
Wai Ora (Kaupae 4)
Graduates of this Level 4 programme will be able to further their skills and knowledge to provide broad strategies to protect and manage freshwater and marine bodies for the benefit of their own marae, whānau, hapū and iwi.
Wai Ora Level 3
Wai Ora (Kaupae 3)
This level 3 program will provide the skills and knowledge to understand and apply sustainability practices to coastal and freshwater bodies based on mātauranga Māori within local environments.
Te Pou Hono ki Taiao
Te Pou Hono ki Taiao
The is a 40 credit programme that provides tauira with a broad range of skills and knowledge to develop, support and fully participate in te taiao initiatives within marae communities (or equivalent).

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