Wai Ora Level 4

Wai Ora (Kaupae 4)

The purpose of this qualification is to provide whānau, hapū and iwi, with graduates who are able to understand and apply sustainability practices to coastal and freshwater bodies based on mātauranga Māori within local environments.

Marae, whānau, hapū and iwi will benefit from having graduates who have skills and knowledge in mātauranga Māori and contemporary science to care for, develop, sustain, enhance and manage their own environment to support and guide current and future generations.

Graduates will further be able to utilise their skills and knowledge to provide broad strategies to protect and manage freshwater and marine bodies for the benefit of their own marae, whānau, hapū and iwi.


Graduates of this qualification will be able to:

  • Demonstrate broad knowledge of the whakapapa of bodies of ngā rawa wai within a local region, marae, hapū or iwi.
  • Select and apply strategies to protect and manage ecosystems around ngā rawa wai in accordance with mātauranga Māori.
  • Select and apply strategies, contemporary theories, and management practices to provide solutions to sustain ecosystems around water for future generations.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the rights, interests, and responsibilities of marae, hapū and iwi regarding ngā rawa wai.

Enrolment note: Online enrolment is not currently available for this programme.  We invite you to enquire online or contact us directly and one of our team will be in touch.

Start Date
On Demand
18 (full-time option), 24 or 36 weeks (part-time options)
Blended learning including noho, wānanga, online learning and self-directed learning
Applications Close
Applications close
On Demand
Campus Location
Available nationally based on demand
Must be a domestic applicant (NZ Citizen or holder of a residence class visa) In addition to meeting admission requirements, entry is open to applicants who may have completed Wai Ora (Kaupae 3) or another level 3 programme of 60 credits or more
Pathway to
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Tuition fees free
WAI401 Waiora-ā-Tāne (Wāhanga 2)
  • Course type: Core
    Description: In this kōwae ako tauira will develop knowledge and a broad understanding of mātauranga Māori and the importance of a rawa wai to local region, marae, hapū and iwi.
WAI402 Wairākei (Wāhanga 2)
  • Course type: Core
    Description: In this kōwae ako tauira will develop mātauranga Māori strategies and approaches to manage and protect ecosystems in and surrounding rawa wai.
WAI403 Waimatua (Wāhanga 2)

  • Course type: Core
    Description: In this kōwae ako tauira apply mātauranga Māori theories and practices to manage, sustain ecosystems in and around rawa wai for future generations.
WAI404 Waimana (Wāhanga 2)
  • Course type: Core
    Description: In this kōwae ako tauira will identify the customary and commercial rights, interests and responsibilities of marae, hapū and iwi regarding rawa wai.
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National Programme Co-ordinator (Acting) - Wai Ora

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