How to enrol online

You are able to enrol online and upload documentation using our online Apply to Enrol Form.

To start, you use your email address to register for an account on our application website.  If you don't have one, you can create a free email address at domains such as Google and Microsoft Live).

  • The application website can be accessed via the enrol button at the top of each page.

It will take approximately 20 minutes to complete if you have all of the required information.  To complete your form you will need to have on hand:

Personal details

Details of your previous education

Your National Student Number (NSN)

Your Awanuiārangi Student Number (if you have enrolled with us previously)

  • Photographs or scanned certified copies of documents such as birth certificates, passport, academic qualifications in JPG, DOC or PDF format for uploading.  Providing this proof of identity will speed up the processing of your enrolment.
  • Your progress is saved each time you successfully complete a section and move to the next. (Your email must be confirmed before your progress can be saved, but it doesn't need to be confirmed if you are submitting your information in one sitting). You can exit the form  during your application and continue it later by returning to this website and using the Sign in option and the username and password you created.  You can then use your email and password to return to the form to complete and submit it.

It is important that you complete all the sections on the form.  You also need to: 

Read and review the fine print

Read the terms and conditions of your enrolment

Tick the boxes to accept them

  • Sign your form

If we need more information or if you need to have an interview with a kaiako, we will be in touch with you by telephone or email. Otherwise, we will let you know the outcome of your application.

  • If your application is successful, we will email you an offer of place and course selection form.  Once you have accepted your place and chosen your course, your enrolment will be confirmed. We will then email you details of your start date.

Enrol online now

Contact us if you need help with your online enrolment!

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