Pūtake Taiao
Pūtake Taiao
This level 4 certificate in environmental sustainability provides graduates with a solid grounding in Te Ao Māori, sustainable living theory and practice. Students develop skills in Mātauranga Māori and contemporary science fields.  They use these skills to examine local and global issues regarding environmental management, social well-being and economic opportunity.
Te Aka Pūtaiao
Te Aka Pūtaiao (Kaupae 5)
The level 5 certificate in environmental energy programme provides students with the skills and knowledge to examine traditional and contemporary models of environmental science.
Bachelor of Health Science Māori Nursing
Te Ōhanga Mataora: Bachelor of Health Sciences Māori Nursing
This nursing programme is accredited by the Nursing Council of New Zealand and NZQA. It prepares students for registration as a nurse with a focus on primary health care and community development, but not to the exclusion of other areas of nursing and clinical health practice.
Kai Oranga L4
Kai Oranga (Kaupae Tuawhā)
This level 4 programme focuses on food sustainability, and management, as well as empowering Māori to exercise control over all facets of the food that they grow, eat and manage.
Kai Oranga L3
Kai Oranga (Kaupae Tuatoru)
This level 3 programme will teach you to grow your own healthy food for your whānau and your marae and pass this knowledge on to others.
Study and Career Preparation L4
New Zealand Certificate in Study and Career Preparation (Level 4)
This level 4 programme prepares you for tertiary study and enhances your employment opportunities in your chosen career.
Wai Ora Level 3
Wai Ora (Kaupae 3)
This level 3 program will provide the skills and knowledge to understand and apply sustainability practices to coastal and freshwater bodies based on mātauranga Māori within local environments.
Wai Ora Level 4
Wai Ora (Kaupae 4)
Graduates of this Level 4 programme will be able to further their skills and knowledge to provide broad strategies to protect and manage freshwater and marine bodies for the benefit of their own marae, whānau, hapū and iwi.

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