Master of Indigenous Studies

I have been raised academically by Te Whare Wānanga o Awanuiārangi. I am a graduate of the marae-centred programme, Te Pouhono, which is offered through the School of Iwi Development. Te Pouhono has been transforming rural Māori communities since 2006, promoting mātauranga-a-hapū, a-iwi. My participation over seven years took me to the Bachelor of Mātauranga Māori, and, staying true to the pathway that was carved before me, I also enrolled here for postgraduate study.

Awanuiārangi centres you within the sphere of mana atua, mana tangata and mana whenua. This is the nurturing space of Māori researchers who work alongside Māori peers, with the support of Māori academic and professional staff; the bonus is that this all transpires from an authentic indigenous and traditional Māori environment. This space brought about the understanding of how praxis operates and how it initiates action and transformation. Whānau, hapū and iwi development is at the heart of sustainable futures that encompass a Māori perspective.

My studies have most definitely empowered me to play a more pro-active role in whānau and hapū affairs. I thank Awanuiārangi for equipping me with crucial tools that allow me to awhi, manaaki and tiaki the interests of my whānau. I am now trained at a structural analysis, critical consciousness and critical awareness level. Instead of being angry at a past that we cannot change, let’s become part of the solution for positive change.

Hinerangi Busby graduated with the Masters of Indigenous Studies in 2018

Hinerangi Busby graduated with the Masters of Indigenous Studies in 2018

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