Wānanga now delivering Nursing Degree in Wairoa

Published date : Tue, 27 February 2024 03:58 pm

Wānanga now delivering Nursing Degree in Wairoa 

Te Ōhanga Mataora: Bachelor of Health Sciences Māori Nursing Programme at Te Whare Wānanga o Awanuiārangi (Awanuiārangi) is now supporting aspiring nurses in Wairoa. The programme launched there on 12 February, giving nine local tauira (students) the invaluable opportunity to pursue their studies within their community. 

A recent bridging programme conducted by Awanuiārangi in Wairoa shed light on the pressing need to build the skill base within the local hospital. Awanuiārangi’s innovative approach to education offers the flexibility required to meet this demand for professional education and development in smaller communities. 

Sheree Spooner, Head of School for Undergraduate Studies at Awanuiārangi, remarks, “Our ability to offer and deliver the Bachelor of Nursing Programme in a rural and isolated town like Wairoa, is truly visionary. By catering to the educational needs of underserved communities, we are revolutionising access to quality training beyond our main centers. I am proud of the opportunities that Awanuiārangi can provide for transformative impact, and I look forward to the positive contributions newly registered nurses will bring to Wairoa.” 

Wairoa District, with its population of 9,290, faces unique challenges in healthcare provision compared to larger districts. The introduction of the Bachelor of Nursing course in Wairoa signifies a pivotal step toward addressing these challenges and ensuring equitable access to healthcare services for all residents. 

Denise Eaglesome-Karekare, Deputy Mayor of Wairoa, affirms, "The establishment of the Bachelor of Nursing programme in Wairoa represents a significant milestone in our journey to strengthen healthcare provision in our community. 

“By offering local educational opportunities, we are nurturing aspiring nurses and fostering a skilled and locally rooted healthcare workforce. This initiative promotes personal and professional growth and contributes to the economic and social vitality of Wairoa.” 

The three-year Bachelor Programme is being delivered at Wairoa Hospital and Wairoa College. 

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Sheree Spooner is the Head of the School of Undergraduate Studies at Te Whare Wānanga o Awanuiārangi

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