This section provides a description of the Entry Standards and requirements for Te Rautoki a Toi: Postgraduate Diploma in Māori Performing Arts.

Programme entry requirements:

Standard admission

Entry into the Postgraduate Diploma in Māori Performing Arts (Level 8) requires that the tauira will:

(a) have made formal application for entry to the programme and the specified endorsement selected; and

(b) have one of the following:

  1. a Bachelor's degree at Level 7; or
  2. a Graduate Diploma at Level 7 with supporting evidence of at least 5 years

relevant work/community experience in the field of study/endorsement area applying

for; or

iii. with supporting evidence at least 8 years relevant work/community experience

in the field of study/endorsement area applying for; or

  1. a qualification considered by the Head of School as ad eundem statum (recognised

as having an equivalent status or competencies to merit achievement in a Bachelor's


(c) Preference will be given to a tauira who has a minimum of a B+ average for the

third year of their undergraduate degree.

(d) Attend an interview designed to assess health, fitness, performance disposition

and capability.


Te reo Māori admission requirements

If electing for Te Reo o te Mōteatea or the Composition Critique papers, tauira need to demonstrate the ability to complete assessments in te reo Māori by meeting the following criteria:

(i) Submitting at least 2 written or where appropriate, oral character references

(ii) Submitting a copy of verified formal qualifications as outlined below


Complete the written submission and oral interview requirements as outlined below


Complete a combination of all 3 depending on what formal qualifications are achieved (e.g. if formal qualifications clearly outline applicants are competent in writing in te reo Māori then they will be required to complete the oral interview and vice versa).

-Formal Qualifications

Any tertiary te reo Māori qualification at Level 7 or above. An assessor will be appointed to

review the applicant's verified official academic record or transcript to identify qualifications, programmes, components, and assessment standards achieved.

-Written submission

Applicants are required to submit 3 formal pieces of writing in te reo Māori, these could include but are not limited to, compositions, publications, essays, or reports. An assessor will review the 3 submissions to determine the applicant's suitability to be admitted to the programme.

-Oral Interview

An interview, entirely in te reo Māori, will be arranged between an appointed assessor and tauira to discuss their te reo journey, their kapa haka background, their passions and any other Māori performing arts related experiences. This interview will take a minimum of 20 minutes. An assessor will be required to ascertain whether the applicant's te reo Māori level is equal to or higher than a tertiary Level 7 qualification.


Special admission

(a) Special admission may be granted, where an applicant is over the age of 20 years at the start of the programme and they can provide sufficient evidence of work experience, skill, education, background knowledge, commitment, and support to successfully undertake the programme of study.

(b) An applicant must provide a portfolio of evidence to support their application.

(c) Special admission may be granted at the discretion of the National Programme Coordinator.


Extensive and relevant work and/or community experiences

The extensive and relevant work and/or community experiences within the Māori performing arts field will require applicants to provide evidence to demonstrate that one meets these criteria. This could be presented in a portfolio. The evidence must outline: -

  1. At least 5 years of work/community experiences relevant to Māori performing arts
  2. Extensive experiences of applying subject knowledge and skills relevant to Māori

performing arts

  1. How one meets te reo Māori competency requirements for the papers selected.

The following will be considered as relevant work or community experience:

- Kaikōrero, Kaikaranga for community, marae, hapū, or iwi and who has Māori performing arts experience

- Leader within the community, whānau, hapū, or iwi and who has Māori performing arts experience

- Competitive Judge at Primary, Secondary, or National competitions or other relevant Māori performing arts competitions

- Kapa haka exponent

- Kapa haka tutor

- Kapa haka composer

- Kapa haka choreographer

- Pakeke, Kaumātua with Māori performing arts experience


English Language Admission Requirements

(a) Applicants whose first language is not Māori or English must provide evidence of English language competence. This evidence may be in the form of IELTS academic band score of 6.5 (overall), with no individual band less than 6.0 equivalent.


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