How is Ngā Mana Whakairo a Toi: Bachelor of Māori Performing Arts delivered?

The programme uses a variety of delivery methods and platforms:

  • Noho
  • Rohe Tutorials
  • Ā-Kapa Tutorials
  • Online Learning (eWānanga)


The delivery mode for this programme consists of both ‘Directed’ and ‘Self Directed’ learning.

‘Directed’ learning consists of noho, tutorials, requested ā-kapa tutorials and online learning (eWānanga) conducted through a combination of konohi ki te konohi delivery.

‘Self-directed’ learning is undertaken by tauira in between wānanga, eWānanga and tutorials. It can include marae tutorials and kapa haka practises.


BMPA Led Noho

Noho are 24 hours long and are delivered from Friday to Sunday. Both BMPA Staff and Kapa Haka will lead separate noho throughout the year to teach the papers and to meet the contact hour requirements of the papers. BMPA led noho will be delivered in two centres across the motu. There are four noho scheduled each year (delivery calendar to be provided).

Kapa Led Noho

It is expected that kapa will hold a minimum of 10 twenty-four hour noho. The 240 hours of kapa ‘Directed Learning’ delivery hours required for both the 5 conventional papers and the 3 portfolio papers will be incorporated into all 10 kapa led noho which will meet the required allocation of ‘Directed Learning’ hours. Wānanga delivery will meet the requirement, specifically mātauranga for both conventional and portfolio papers. This is in addition to what is provided in the BMPA led noho.

Rohe Tutorials

Rohe tutorials will have a separate focus to noho and have been created to maximise the konohi ki te konohi engagement with kaihaka as well as provide a platform to engage with kaihaka online via Zoom, social media, email and eWānanga.


There are two types of tutorials: Zoom and konohi ki te konohi. The student calendar outlines the type of tutorial in the appropriate week. Zoom tutorials are conducted online only. Konohi ki te konohi tutorials will depend on the geographical spread of the teams. Venues for the rohe tutorials are provided by the kapa within the rohe. Rohe tutorials are open to ALL BMPA tauira who reside inside the rohe.

Ā-Kapa Tutorials

In addition to noho and tutorials it is important we maintain and continue to offer ā-kapa tutorials, which is a unique feature of the programme. Offering ā-kapa tutorials is crucial in both meeting the ‘Directed Learning’ hours and solidifying a contingency plan for individual Kapa when needed. A minimum of 10 hours ā-kapa are offered.

Online Learning (eWānanga)

eWānanga is the online programme that is provided to offer consistent ongoing learning for all tauira. It is also the portal for all submissions.

Students need to commit to the following times:

  • 4 Noho per year from Friday 6 pm to Sunday 12 pm
  • 3 face to face rohe tutorials @ 2 hours per tutorial from 6 to 8 pm
  • 29 zoom tutorials @ 2 hours per tutorial from 6 to 8 pm.
  • 10 hours per paper of eWānanga
  • 8 ā-kapa hours in a year or 1 hour per paper.


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