Graduates of Te Aka Pūtaiao can pathway to:

Internal pathways

  • Bachelor of Environmental Studies (Level 7)
  • Bachelor of Mātauranga Māori (Level 7)
  • Bachelor of Humanities (Level 7)

External pathways

  • Rūmakihia te Taiao (Kaupae 6) New Zealand Diploma in Māori Environment Management (Kaupae 6)
  • Further study at higher levels in the fields of conservation, environmental management, resource management and iwi environmental management.

Career Opportunities

  • Graduates of this qualification may contribute and participate in a range of Māori and general environmental/resource management roles which may include:
  • Hapū, Iwi, Hāpori Environment Liaison/Advisor
  • Hapū, Iwi, Hāpori Environment Monitor
  • Environmental Monitoring Officer
  • Environmental Analyst
  • Environmental Policy Advisor/Writer
  • Environmental Field Technician
  • Environmental Consultant/Contractor
  • Environmental Researcher
  • Iwi Officer
  • Ranger
  • Field Researcher
  • Local and District Council positions

Cultural/Community Pathways

Graduates may also contribute to community and participate in cultural roles as:
  • Advisors and knowledge holders for whānau, hapū and iwi pertaining to the local environment including the concepts, philosophies, kawa/ tikanga, pūrākau, kōrero whakatauākī and aspirations of tangata whenua.
  • Whānau, hapū and iwi liaison/advisory environmental roles for local government, environmental, conservation, and community organisations.
  • This qualification may also provide pathways for graduates to enhance the capacity and capability of their whānau, hapū and iwi communities within Māori based environmental settings.



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