Mapping of Māori technology sector

Published date : Thu, 11 August 2022 05:25 PM

Organisations collaborate to initiate mapping of Māori technology sector

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Making Everything Achievable (MEA), Te Whare Wānanga o Awanuiārangi and NZTech supported by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) have initiated a research project building an initial map of the Māori Tech Sector.

The work has been undertaken to ensure a tangata whenua perspective is gathered as the Government rolls out regional discussions on their Industry Transformation Plan that sets a long-term vision and action plan to move the tech sector forward. The Research project explores what the Tech sector looks like from a Māori lens based on interviews with those working across different tech roles, key influencers and educators supporting Māori in to tech training or tech jobs. Māori who lead Technology companies and Rangatahi/Taitamariki interested in entering into tech opportunities have also been interviewed.

Director of MEA, Kaye-Maree Dunn says, “It is important that whānau learn what the tech sector looks like from our own world view so that we can see where we are at right now, what projects are being led by us and where opportunities and barriers lie for our people. This research prioritises informing Iwi/Māori of what the tech sector looks like for us first then the Government and the broader sector can also explore how they might further support awesome initiatives that are working and remove any obstacles that are preventing our people from thriving in the tech sector.”

Dr John Clayton and Hinerangi Eruera Mānuera Murphy, lead researchers from Te Whare Wānanga o Awanuiārangi believe “this research is significant because it will provide a te ao māori perspective on why Māori are entering into the tech sector and the challenges that present. An insight into the status of Mātauranga Māori and an indication of what Government and Iwi can do to support Māori to grow in this space, will be further explored.” Dr. Clayton has also identified that from the interviews to date, an overarching theme emerging is a focus on “people and community first and profit second, with a strong lean towards using technology to reclaim and utilise kaupapa Māori values and approaches as normal practice.”

Graeme Muller CEO of NZTech says: “It is important that this research has a by Māori for Māori approach and this work could help inform the broader tech sector of how they might continue to build on positive approaches to help grow opportunities for Māori. It is going to need all of us to collaborate and work together to benefit the nation. We (NZTech) has acted as an ally in the work, and then committed to get out of the way!”

The mapping project has a Research Taumata which is an advisory group of Māori entrepreneurs, practitioners, Government Officials, and eco-system players who are helping to guide the direction and focus of the research. Interviews, podcasts, and a regional case study on Māori tech potential will be delivered as a result of this work.

A series of surveys are also being launched to get as much input across Māoridom, rangatahi and those working to grow Māori tech talent. To participate in the survey, click on the relevant links below:

Māori Interested in the Tech Sector:
Māori Led-Tech Companies:
Māori and Non-Māori Influencers, Supporters and Educators growing Māori participation in the Tech Sector
Māori Tech Sector & Rangatahi:

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