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Student Profiles

Tracey Takuira
Te Arawa, Mataatua, Tainui, Ngātokimatawhaorua

Master of Indigenous Studies

Background Summary:

As a weaver, the sustainability of weaving resources and how land use 
pressures are impacting on traditional Māori environmental values is of 
immense importance to me.

I began weaving in 2010 while studying raranga in Māori Visual Arts. I began to think about environmental matters in relation to raranga. As indigenous people, we have an affinity to our environment. Our whenua at 
Pukehina in the Bay of Plenty was drained to make the land more productive. That meant our natural kai source and fibres were taken away. 

“Without the plant, what will you weave? Without the plant, what will you 
eat? Without the plant, how will you house yourself? Without the plant, how will you clothe yourself?”

My Masters research looked at appropriate land management practices in order for plants to be available for weaving. My thesis, Wetlands and 
Waterways Through A Weaver’s Lens, examined management of our land at 
Pukehina in relation to raranga.

Through my thesis research I gained knowledge on how to restore our whānau whenua. When the lease comes back to Māori in the future I hope to 
produce a wetland, which will in turn produce benefits for whānau – kai, 
employment (workers to maintain it) and resources.