Employment pathways

Graduates will have skills and knowledge for entry level employment roles under limited supervision, which may include:
  • Marae, hapū, Iwi, hāpori adviser
  • Advisor for an environmental, conservation or community organisation
  • Fisheries observer
  • Navy cadet
  • Seafood Processing worker
  • Support Services Assistance, National Institute for Water Atmospheric Research (NIWA) or the Department of Conservation
  • Local, Regional or Unitary Council Positions
  • Te Ohu Kaimoana Roles
  • Deep sea fishing crew and factory staff
  • Water treatment plant positions

Cultural/Community pathways

This qualification provides a pathway for graduates to support the development of whānau, hapū and iwi capability and capacity to preserve, nurture an enrich freshwater and marine knowledge for current and future generations. Contribution to community and cultural roles may include involvement as the following:
  • Advisors and knowledge holders for marae, whānau, hapū, iwi and hāpori pertaining to freshwater and marine bodies including the concepts, philosophies, kawa/tikanga, and aspirations of mana whenua.
  • Whānau, hapū iwi and hāpori liaison/advisory environmental roles for local government, environmental, conservation, and community organisations


Education pathways


  • Further study at higher levels in the fields of conservation, environmental management, resource management and iwi environmental management.
  • Wai Ora (Kaupae 4)



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