Tokorau: Te Pou Tokomawake

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Tokorau: Te Pou Tokomawake

Te Pou Tokomawake undertakes teaching and research based on āhuatanga Māori in accordance with tikanga Māori that is informed and embodied by mātauranga Māori.

Te Pou Tokomawake has a unique role within Tokorau. Te Pou Tokomawake is based on the pursuit of new knowledge and understanding, through the building of staff research capacity and through mechanisms that connect traditional knowledge systems with new, advanced and emerging information and communication technologies.

Research undertaken through Te Pou Tokomawake:

  • provides evidence that promotes the implementation of innovative teaching practises, programmes, services and facilities
  • empowers staff to utilise emerging technologies, access new knowledge and transform their practices
  • stimulates innovation and growth through targeted research and development projects
  • builds future innovative entrepreneurial strategies

Staff at Awanuiārangi actively seek opportunities for different types of research to be undertaken by building national and international connections. It is expected that these collaborative research activities will increase markedly, as Te Pou Tokomawake continues to foster and strengthen research in indigenous innovation.

Contact Professor John Clayton

Phone: +64 7 306 3353