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Tokorau Indigenous Innovation Institute

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Tokorau Indigenous Innovation Institute

The Tokorau kaupapa illustrates a philosophy founded on innovation in educational approaches that reflect Āhuatanga Māori (practices) within a multi-modal implementation structure.

It is this unique blending of modern, innovative approaches with Mātauranga Māori (knowledge) that shapes and defines the distinctive approach of Tokorau to innovation.

The word Tokorau derives its origins from the four sacred posts known as Tokohuruatea, Tokorangi, Tokonuku and Tokomawake. These four Tokotoko provide the connection of communication from the spiritual world to the physical world.  From the natural world to human life, Tokorau translates to mean the many levels and various forms of communication which can be accessed from both a traditional context and the modern technological world of today (Ngaropo, 2005).

In this context, innovation is defined as the application of new knowledge to achieve an improved outcome. It inherently requires connections between those that create new ideas and those that can put the ideas into action. Innovation includes knowledge creation that results in the development and use of new products, processes and services. These  outcomes are wide reaching, but ultimately innovation is about wealth creation for the benefit of all (FRST, 2005).

Contact the Director of Tokorau – Professor John Clayton

Phone: +64 7 306 3353