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Pūtake Taiao

Pūtake Taiao

Certificate in Environmental Sustainability

Level of Study: 

This qualification will provide graduates with a solid grounding in Te Ao Māori, sustainable living theory and practice. Students will develop skills within the fields of Mātauranga Māori and contemporary science and use them to examine both local and global issues regarding environmental management, social well-being and economic opportunity.

Throughout the course tauira will build on the concept of awareness and connection, with a focus on problem solving for a changing world. On completion of this qualification, graduates will possess the ability to understand and apply sustainability models and systems for the benefit of whānau, hapū, iwi, work places and wider social organisations.

42 Weeks
Start Date: 
Finish Date: 
Applications Close: 
Delivery Mode:
Mixed Mode
Total Fee for 2019:

Entry is open to applicants who meet the following requirements:

Minimum Age: 
16 years
Minimum Qualification/s: 

Completed a level 3 programme of at east 60 credits


At least 12 credits in NCEA Level 2 Literacy standards and 12 credits in NCEA Level 2 Numeracy


Demonstrated equivalency in Numeracy and Literacy

Additional Qualifications:

It is expected that:

  • Applicants have a desire to pursue a specific career or further study in a particular area,
  • Applicants may be required to attend an interview, or if an applicant lives at some distance from Te Whare Wānanga o Awanuiārangi campuses or complete a telephone interview.
Further Study:

Further study at higher levels in the fields of conservation, environmental management, resource management and iwi environmental management.

Course Code: PUT101
Course Type: Core
Course Title: Ko Wai Ahau – Human Nature
  • Definition and description of the four elements (whenua, wai, hau and kā) and their significance to
    personal health and sustainability theory through the lens of tikanga Māori.
  • The importance of inter-relationships and personal sustainability strategies.

Course Code: PUT102
Course Type: Core
Course Title: Aronui Ki Taiao – Observing Nature
  • The cultivation of Te Reo Māori and the development of an understanding in Māori cosmology in relation to sustainability.
  • The identification and relationships between tauira and culturally significant sites within the sphere of the natural environment.

Course Code: PUT103
Course Type: Core
Course Title: Arorangi – Observing the Skies
  • The integration of Maramataka and the Māori seasonal calendar into contemporary sustainability
  • Projection of traditional seasonal and climate knowledge into problem solving on personal, local and
    global scales.

Course Code: PUT104
Course Type: Core
Course Title: He Mātau Hou – Modern Insights
  • Examination of the modern financial, scientific and legislative paradigms and their application to sustainable practice.
  • The linkage between Te Ao Māori, modern operating systems and sustainable living.

Course Code: PUT105
Course Type: Core
Course Title: Te Ao Hangarau – Modern Insights
  • Recognition of technological advancement and understanding of global shifts in environmental, social and economic trends regarding sustainability.
  • Exploration of novel approaches within the realms of technology in the context of ongoing whānau, hapū and iwi development.

Course Code: PUT106
Course Type: Core
Course Title: Whaimāramatanga – Balanced Solutions
  • The merging of multiple information sources and perspectives to inform adaptive environmental management.
  • Tikanga Māori within the context of sustainability and environmental management strategies.

Course Code: PUT107
Course Type: Core
Course Title: Whairautaki – Presenting a Strategic Plan
  • Development of a holistic and culturally responsive strategic planning framework for sustainability programs and actions.
  • Effective implementation and ongoing monitoring of sustainability projects.

Course Code: PUT108
Course Type: Core
Course Title: Whaioha – Harnessing Economic Opportunity
  • • Critical appraisal of global trends within the field of sustainability, and appropriate future forecasting utilising a Te Ao Māori worldview.
  • Identification and exploration of novel business opportunities within sustainability focused niche sectors.
  • Driving a ‘Te Ao Māori’ model as a business mechanism for a sustainable economy.
  • Rethinking the link between economy and social wellbeing on a Te Ao Māori landscape.