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School of Indigenous Graduate Studies

Focused on quality teaching, research priorities and Graduate programmes, Masters and Doctoral degrees.

The School of Indigenous Graduate Studies was launched in June 2008 providing high-quality programmes that support teaching and learning experiences for students.

There are a number of aspects to the School of Indigenous Graduate Studies that are unique, for example:

  • A teaching adjunct of over 20 indigenous/Māori PhDs, many of whom are furthering iwi/hapū/tribal developments.
  • A PhD programme in four discipline areas.
  • A Professional Doctorate programme consisting of two degrees – Doctor of Mäori Development & Advancement and Doctor of Indigenous Development & Advancement.
  • Two Masters programmes consisting of – Master of Mäori Studies and Master of Indigenous Studies;
  • and a Doctoral committee with experienced national and international PhD supervisors.

The graduate programmes provide a nurturing environment for staff and students to support and mentor each other through the unique way in which whānau experiences and kaupapa Māori pedagogy draw from the works and inspirations of indigenous peoples.