New Zealand Certificate in Study and Career Preparation (Level 4)

I was 17, fresh out of school, when I started the Career Prep course. I was not really thinking about what could be the outcome – I was just doing it because my mum wanted me to. But it opened me up to the idea of studying for a degree. It showed me what my pathway could be. It opened my eyes to different ideas, new possibilities and potential careers I had never considered.

That six-month course has given me options, options I wouldn’t have thought about before. So now I’ve got a plan: I’m now in my first year of a Bachelor of Humanities (BHUM). After completing my BHUM I will do a one-year teacher degree and become a primary teacher, and eventually become a secondary school PE teacher.

This is a good place to learn. I feel like I have the freedom to ask questions. I’ve been studying indigenous studies and policy, learning our history – learning heaps of new things that we never learnt at school. It’s opened me up to the world.

Hamiora Monika pictured with Council member Ms Materoa Dodd

Hamiora Monika pictured with Council member Ms Materoa Dodd

Kimihia he huarahi ako

What can you study?