Te Āwheonui: How We Do It

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How We Do It

Our approach is based on Kaupapa Māori and Culturally Responsive and Relational Principles of practice. We work alongside teachers, leaders and principals to co-construct coherent PLD plans based on their own school’s evidence and what we know works for Māori students. We believe in the strong interconnection of the Why, the How and the What as a framework for supporting schools to maximise the potential for all learners.

Takarangi: Is an intersecting spiral pattern used in carving. To some the spirals represent the entry of light and knowledge and experience linking through the time and space with the present. On the prow of waka they provide added stability and balance.


Culturally Responsive and Relational Pedagogy

  • Relationships of care and connectedness are fundamental (whanaungatanga)
  • Power is shared and learners have the right to equity and self determination (mahi tahi, kotahitanga)
  • Culture counts, learners’ understandings form the basis of their identity and learning (whakapapa)
  • Sense-making is dialogic, interactive and ongoing (ako)
  • Decision-making and practice is responsive to relevant evidence (wānanga)
  • Our common vision and interdependent roles and responsibilities focus on the potential of learners – Māori students achieving and enjoying educational success as Māori – (kaupapa)