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Student Profiles

Sharon Gemmell
Te Ati Awa, Ngāti Rarua, Ngāti Toa, Ngāti Kahungunu

Master of Māori Studies and Professional Doctorate in Indigenous Development & Advancement


Background Summary:

Studying for a PhD with my daughter strengthens our relationship as mother and daughter, and strengthens us as a family. As we go through the programme, the impact builds upon our children, our grandchildren and my great grandchildren. Other members of our whānau see us driving ahead and it’s made the family more aware of the importance of education. It’s setting some great milestones within the whānau. Now my grand-daughter has gone back to school to further her qualifications, and my son has transitioned from being an electrician to graduating as a teacher.

Monique and I both work at the Koru Institute of Training and Education, a private training establishment. Our studies also allow me to keep abreast of what the kids are learning – to understand the learning techniques the kids experience at school. We are all striving together now; we can all see the advantage of education. A lot of the information we absorb in our Professional Doctorate studies is able to be transferred to our students. We come back from our noho wānanga charged up with all this knowledge and energy. The delivery style is so embracing – we enjoy going and we know we will come back with a lot to share.

Photo: Left to right: Monique and Sharon Gemmell