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Student Profiles

Kevin Low

Bachelor of Education

Background Summary:

My parents always encouraged us in education. My father was a baker in Fiji and he was a real worker – for him, it was either work or education. He didn’t believe in doing things half-pie, and Mum always wanted the best for us kids as well. If you’re going to do something, you give it 100%. But when Dad became ill I left school and got a job. I was 15. He passed away. My principal came and found me. I’d helped a lot of school peers with reading and he suggested I return to complete my secondary education while working part-time as a teacher aide and reading tutor.

Through that opportunity I realised that I really like teaching and sharing knowledge, that teaching is in me. Eventually I found this programme. It was 100% appropriate for my circumstances. The way it is taught (through block courses) meant I could keep working at Kaikohe Christian School, which supported me 100%, and stay on top of other obligations including ambulance work at nights and weekends. Studying during conventional university hours would have meant a big life change and in terms of practicality I don’t think I could have achieved it – certainly not in three years.

I’m teaching now at Kaikohe West School and I’m really loving it.